Ozone Free Tubing 


This is clear fused quartz glass doped with Titanium Oxid(TiO2).With
the exception of transmission, it retain all the other properties of standard tubing and is available in range of outside diameter from 7mm-60mm.This item has a UV cut off at 220nm. It transmit UV-A and UV-B while blocking the high energy deep wavelength that cause ozone generation.

This glass has a UV cut off below wavelength 220nm which encourages
ozone generation and cause the greatest exposure and has a good
transmission at 253.7nm, which makes it an ideal material for
germicidal lamps, but the deeper UV radiation or ozone generation is

Typical Application is follows:

OH Application
OH<15PPM sun tanning lamps, ozone free reprographic lamps ozone free uv qermicidal lamps.
OH<5PPM high pressure xenon discharge lamps, UV lamps for hardening of lacquers and inks etc.