High Purity Tubing 


This is a kind of high purity clear fused quartz tubing with lower hydroxyl (OH) content and excellent visual condition, Its thermal mechanical properties are similar as standard. It can be supplied with a size range from 4mm to 60mm outside diameter with tight dimensional tolerances.

This material has a transmission of nearly 70% at wavelength 185-220nm which encourages ozone generation. It is ideal to make lamps of ozone generation purposes. And so it can also be called “ozone generation tubing” Imperial supply this material not only for ozone generation purpose, but also to meet the demand of customers who produce quality metal halide lamps and semi-conductor quartz ware.
The lower Hydroxyl (OH) content and high purity is necessary for these purposes.

Main application is as follows: 
OH Application
OH≤10PPM  ozone generation lamps.
OH≤5PPM  quality ozone generation lamps. semiconductor quartz ware 
OH≤1PPM  quality MH lamps